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What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram is a personality typing system that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. The Enneagram is based on the principle that people behave in certain ways because of their core motivation and fear. It is unique because it’s the only personality tool that tell you the belief behind why we do what we do.

The Enneagram consists of a nine-point figure. Each point represents a personality type. Each of the nine personality types is characterized by a set of dominant behaviors, motivations, and fears. The goal of this system is to better understand your type so that you’ll be able to make the most of your strengths and address your weaknesses in order to achieve your full potential.

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Our Offerings

Enneagram For Corporates

We at Questa Enneagram believe that self-awareness in employees is the key to bringing about a sustainable change within the organisation. The Enneagram tool can be successfully used to bring about change for teams and groups, for developing leadership and building a sustainable culture at an organisational level. Our motto is “Maximising Individual Potential” and we do so by blending the tool of The Enneagram with Emotional Intelligence & Agility and harnessing a Strengths Mindset. 

Enneagram For Individuals

Whichever stage of life you are at, personally or professionally, it’s never too late to Re-Discover Yourself! At Questa Enneagram we wish to help you gain a clear understanding of who you are on a fundamental level, what your intrinsic gifts are and how to practically apply this knowledge to work towards being The Best Version Of Yourself. Through our Self-Discovery Workshops and One-on-One Coaching, we aim to aid individuals in harnessing their innate potential and to explore what motivates them and why, and most importantly what they should focus on for their growth.

Enneagram For Relationships

There are times when one may struggle to make relationships work or you may need to make a life-changing decision about commitment. You might often wish you had a key to help navigate your relationships – something that gives you and your partner the freedom to commit to your relationship as your most authentic selves, moving beyond discord towards a place of collective understanding and awareness, over and above mere compromise.  We at Questa Enneagram can help you experience deeper connections and grow on your journey together while building strong, long-lasting relationships for a happier and wholesome life.

Enneagram For Students

In today’s digital age, young adults have access to an abundance of information and hence a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to making life decisions. These choices often come hand-in-hand with confusion. A fear of the unknown & doubt of whether one will succeed or not. Knowing your personality, your inherent talents and challenges can help you make informed life choices – about the right career for you or which course to opt for. We at Questa Enneagram can help you know and understand yourself better which is the starting step towards making informed decisions and a life of success.

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The Questa Enneagram Way

The path to re-discovery is a journey. It starts with an urgent need for change. It could be that you have an innate need to move on to your next milestone or you have sensed a gap and you’re ready to explore what that gap is and move on to create your own success story. Using our extensive experience and research, we have introduced customer specific Enneagram assessments to help you through this journey.

Re-discover yourself

The Enneagram enables you to understand who you are by revealing your worldview, limiting beliefs, what you value and avoid, as well as your thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns so that you work towards maximising your potential.

Accept and Transition

Once you start on the journey of re-discovering yourself through Enneagram, we facilitate the process of self-acceptance and work with you on identifying the key areas of growth to help you focus on the developmental goals which you have sought to work on.

Embrace Change

Change is difficult and we do struggle despite years of trying, but as per neuroscience, new behaviours can be learned throughout life. Now that you have decided to get rid of those patterns and habits that are self-limiting, it becomes easier for you to embrace change. By harnessing the power which Enneagram brings to us, the process of transition and inner realignment becomes easier.

Evolve to Excel

We help you to re-establish new priorities and goals for the future and re-invest your energies in maintaining this new inner equilibrium. At this point in your journey, you have two options ahead of you – to continue at a steady pace in your transformational journey or to adopt a path of extreme growth. Whatever path you choose, we at Questa Enneagram are committed to helping you evolve to excel.

Success Stories

Mayuri Dike

Head HR, Ingenico

The Enneagram workshop has helped us improve communication and working relationships, while increasing our understanding of other’s point of view. When I personally learned about my Enneagram type, I read things about myself that I knew were true and didn’t want to own.

Somya Das

Associate Director, KMPG India

The engaging sessions with Lata has always taught me to see the situations in different ways and how we should look inside and understand our behaviour and personalities. To handle situations outside, we need to go deep inside. She is also a great listener and doesn't forget any point, however big or small

Kishore Purswani

Director HR and Admin, IES Group of Institutions, Ex Director HRD- BHEL( Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited)

It was a pleasure for me and my team to attend the Enneagram workshop. Enneagram made it possible for us to assess our strengths and challenges and also gave us the knowledge of what we do and why we do so. You are an excellent facilitator and I can easily vouch now that Enneagram and emotional Intelligence can help a lot more people as the workshop has helped me and my colleagues

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