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Introduce The Enneagram into your culture and help your people become the best version of themselves and give their best at work.
The Enneagram helps you as a business owner (big or small), corporate professional (HR or otherwise), or team leader to understand your people at a much deeper level.

Before you decide to use the Enneagram in your organization, experience the power of The Enneagram.

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The Enneagram for Corporates


No matter what type of business you run, the Enneagram can help you see measurable improvements in bottom-line and top-line results, boost employee morale, improve efficiency & productivity, Increase collaboration and create a sustainable culture.

The Enneagram is a framework that describes the nine preferred ways human beings operate in the world. Each type has their own focus of attention, their own beliefs about the world, and their own way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. By understanding the nine styles, Leaders and Team members gain deeper insights into

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    Improving sales and bottom line results using type based strengths and weaknesses approach of the Enneagram

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    Working together more effectively by raising emotional Intelligence (EQ) and emotional agility

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    Improving the social intelligence of team members by bringing diversity in the culture and cognition

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    Effective communication in the virtual world by leveraging cognitive diversity. Understanding the communication strengths, challenges and developmental areas for the Team members

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    Better decision making capabilities- Using all the 3 centers of Intelligence (Head, Heart and Gut)

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    Minimising conflicts in teams by bringing in a collaborative approach using the Enneagram

How can Questa Enneagram help you with Your Business Goals?

There are two kinds of successes for people working in organisations: One which comes at its own time and place and the other which we call as an extreme success. Questa Enneagram is all about that extreme approach to growth and becoming the best version of what each employee can be in both their personal and professional lives. It’s about pushing our limits while discovering our true capabilities. The enneagram is the most insightful tool available to help your people develop their emotional intelligence. If your organisation has to grow, your employees need to grow too. Today we are competing in a global marketplace and the enneagram helps to work with the subtle cultural nuances of people from multiple geographies.

We at Questa Enneagram believe that self-awareness in employees is the key to bringing about a sustainable change within the organization and its culture. Using the Enneagram tool for creating self-awareness, we deploy the Organisational Development Framework to construct our workshops and corporate interventions.

It reveals the core motivation that drives your employee’s behaviour and enables individuals to better understand their ingrained patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling.

Connect with our expert Enneagram Coaches today to know more about how the Enneagram can make an impact in your organisation.

Who Would Benefit From Our Training Programs?

Whether you are an MNC, an Indian promoter-driven organisation, a startup, or a small business, our training interventions are personalised depending upon the challenges of your organisation and are designed to help your people develop and work with self-awareness so that they can reach their full potential at work.

When individuals understand the way they think, act, and feel under a variety of circumstances, it will positively impact the way they engage with those around them and ultimately increase their productivity.

The Enneagram tool can be successfully used not only to create self-awareness and bring about change at the individual level, but it can be used at a one-to-one level, for teams and groups, for developing leadership and building sustainable culture at the organisation level as well.

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Benefits of Working with An Enneagram Facilitator

Enneagram Corporate Training interventions are facilitated by our founder Lata Verghese and our team of Accredited Enneagram Coaches, who have multi-dimensional industry experience and expertise.

Working with a talented Enneagram Coach is your first step towards geometric growth for your organisation and a happier, more productive team.
You can choose to have an in-person workshop, or you can opt for our online training programs.

Increase Profits

Shift your team’s mindset and give them the tools they need to create massive growth in your bottom line.

Improve Engagement

Supply the right tools to build authentic relationships, Increase trust and develop a people-focused culture to increase employee engagement.

Increase Productivity

Remove roadblocks, implement efficient systems, and get the best from your employees to drastically increases productivity and quality of output.

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Improve Communication

Foster healthy, open communication between your employees, teams, and management to uncover new ideas, issues, and potential.

"The Enneagram workshop has helped us improve communication and working relationships, while increasing our understanding of other’s point of view. When I personally learned about my Enneagram type, I read things about myself that I knew were true and didn’t want to own. "

Mayuri Dike
Head HR, Ingenico
Success Stories

Somya Das

Associate Director, KMPG India

The engaging sessions with ‘Lata has always taught me to see the situations in different ways and how we should look inside and understand our behaviour and personalities. To handle situations outside, we need to go deep inside. She is also a great listener and doesn't forget any points, however big or small

Cherry Singh

Head HR, North India, MUFG

It is a wonderful tool that can shape up as a professional development program. For me, it helped me recognise myself at two levels- the self which acts on autopilot and the other which takes a conscious look at the way I react to certain situations and step back to evaluate before acting. Overall I would highly recommend this tool for both organisations and individuals.

Nandan Mahimkar

Ex- VP Sales, ABB Ltd

Collaborative teamwork is critical to the success of attaining the goals that most organisations work with on a daily basis. I found Lata’s workshop on Enneagram very helpful to me personally, and to the teams I coached and work with, to understand and put to use, the diversity in teams that Enneagram highlights so well

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