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Enneagram can help you redirect your internal compass to a path that leads to self-awareness and transformation
Your Journey of Self-Discovery with Questa Enneagram

Choose to take charge of your personal growth & self-development by investing time in understanding yourself – the most important step and the start of your journey towards Re-discovery

Take the Questa Enneagram Self-Discovery Assessment, the first of its kind in the Indian subcontinent. You receive your customized Enneagram Profile which helps you understand your personality type, strengths, behavioural patterns, social style and many other related aspects of your personality type in detail

WORKSHOPS – To understand your Enneagram Profile and yourself better, attend one of our Self-Discovery workshops with like-minded people on the journey of personal growth, facilitated by an expert Enneagram Coach.

COACHING – Our accredited Enneagram Coaches help you understand your Enneagram profile better, answer all your queries and guide you on your self-development journey. Our One-on-One coaching sessions are personalized to your needs and grant you the freedom to undertake the endeavour of personal growth at your own pace.

Equipped with information about who you are, you can now embark on a journey of rediscovery and consistent growth Paving the path to one’s self-development is not a fixed route. You can choose to attend both our Self-Discovery workshops as well as our One-on-One Coaching to get a deeper understanding of yourself using the Enneagram tool.

The Self-Development process is also one of discovery – to ascertain what is right for you. Keeping that in mind, our One-on-One coaching and Self-Discovery workshops are not an either/or choice.
You may choose to be a part of one but can also actively participate in both, taking into consideration your own momentum and individual goals.

How are Self-Discovery Workshops different from One-on-One Coaching?

Our Self-Discovery Workshops are group workshops that are facilitated by an accredited Enneagram expert and attended by like-minded people who are on the similar path of Re-discovering themselves as you.
The workshops are interactive and involve self-learning, including lots of group activities. As well as personal attention from our coaches to help you understand yourself better as well.

  • Improving your relationships and raising your self-esteem
  • Recognizing and breaking away from unconscious patterns, from ‘auto pilot’ mode
  • Developing compassion and understanding for yourself and other

One-on-One Coaching with our accredited coaches involves personalized sessions where apart from obtaining a profound understanding of yourself, you set discernible goals. Your coach then partners with you to bring about sustainable behavioral change so that you may accomplish those goals, be it professional or personal, all at a pace set by you.

  • Know how and why you react the way you do – thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns
  • Identify your communication patterns adapt them effectively
  • Make informed life decisions basis your newly discovered talent and strengths
Start your Re-discovery journey with Questa Enneagram today!

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