Unlock the potential in you by harnessing the power of the Enneagram
Use the Enneagram to transform the quality of your personal & professional life by gaining awareness & understanding of yourself, as well as others
One-on-One Coaching

Have you ever wished you could acquire a handbook that enables you to successfully navigate your life and guide you towards making better decisions?
One that could help you gain an insight into yourself and the people in your life – about how to decipher and understand them? Or even for that matter to be able to precisely understand why is it you do, what you do?

Well if so, you’ve found yourself exactly in the right place!

The Enneagram guides us in a manner that lets us maximise the potential that resides within each of us.

Our Accredited Enneagram Coaches have a rich experience working with organizations and individuals and can help you to realign yourself with your goals by combining the wisdom of the Enneagram and the practical aspects of Coaching & Mentoring. We at Questa Enneagram aim to bring to you the step-ladder you’ve been looking for – the step ladder that gets you from where you are to where you want to be!

Enneagram Circle
What Questa’s One-on-One Coaching can do for you?
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    Build balanced and sustainable relationships through understanding and compassion

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    Know how and why you react the way you do – thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns

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    Build balanced and sustainable relationships through understanding and compassion

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    Identify your communication patterns and adapt them effectively

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    Identify your talents and how to develop them into strengths

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    Make informed life decisions basis your newly discovered talents and strengths

In our One-on-One Coaching sessions, Questa’s accredited Enneagram coaches will help you set discernible goals and effectively guide to be able to successfully accomplish those goals. The Enneagram as a tool will help you to identify most of your involuntary responses and emotions and aid you in responding optimally to everyday situations.
The most vital element to the Enneagram journey of Re-discovery and growing as a person based on newfound knowledge of who you are.

Who is it for?
At Questa Enneagram, our accredited coaches can aid you on your personal journey of growth and transformation with our personalised & customised coaching sessions that let you set development goals and work on them at your own pace. You could be

An Individual

Coaching is for you, if you believe that ‘What got you here, will not get you there’ - be it starting a new phase of your life, hunting for the next challenge or resolving a current one. Both professional and personal goals can be realized with relative ease, when you gain perspective and set achievable objectives with the aid of an expert, an objective third party. With our accredited Enneagram coaches, you will have focused sessions that chart out your personalized developmental path.

A Student

Each one of us has in-built talents which come naturally to us and can be attributed to our personality type, these become a part of our personality from a very young age and reflect our true selves. These talents, if developed well, can lead you to clarity, success and happiness. The Enneagram can help you discover your personality, your innate talents, your instincts and strengths! Being informed about them can truly help you to navigate the often difficult path of choosing the kind of career which will complement your personality & talents and aid you in making informed life decisions.

In a Relationship

Enneagram helps you understand how to navigate your life and relationships, by learning how you and your loved ones interact with each other. Managing the obstacles that crop up in the course of a relationship can be easier if you step away from your personalized lens with which you view the world and your partner/family member with, and open yourself up to awareness, about yourself and those around you. The Enneagram makes us more aware of ourselves and others allowing us to have healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Your Coaching Journey with Questa Enneagram
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    Choose to take charge of your personal growth & self-development by investing time in understanding yourself – the most important step and the start of your journey towards Re-discovery.

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    Take the Questa Enneagram Self-Discovery Assessment, the first of its kind in the Indian subcontinent. You receive your customized Enneagram Profile which helps you understand your personality type, strengths, behavioural patterns, social style, and many other related aspects of your personality type in detail.

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    Our accredited Enneagram Coaches help you understand your Enneagram profile better, answer all your queries, and guide you on your self-development journey. Our One-on-One coaching sessions are personalized to suit your needs and grant you the freedom to work on your growth and goals at your own pace.

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    Equipped with information about who you are, you can now embark on a journey of rediscovery and consistent growth.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a liaison between you and your coach, which helps you to gain awareness, clarify your personal goals and priorities, understand your pattern of thinking, feeling, and action, and help you to change specific behaviours that would help you to accomplish the objectives you had set for yourself with the help of the Coach. Our One-on-One Coaching sessions are facilitated by one of Questa Enneagram’s expert Accredited Coaches – they possess a rich experience in working with a multitude of clients and are chosen after rounds of extensive assessment and can guide you on your journey of growth and set you on the path to achievement, at a pace that is suited to your requirements.

One on one coaching

Viraj Prasad


I find it very useful to get unbiased and objective advice I have benefitted from Questa’s Coaching over the last 18 months- sessions typically involve a mix of different approaches such as Enneagram, NLP, TA mixed with practical experience based on years of working for and advising companies. I find it very useful to get unbiased and objective advice to identify many improvement opportunities- which friends and family cannot provide. I look forward to working with the Questa Team for many years to come.

Gaurav Nagar

ICICI Lombard

Using Enneagram, Lata first understood me and then based on various tools & techniques made me aware of my areas of improvement I came across Questa’s Coaching when I was going through huge turmoil and disturbance in both my personal & professional life. Using Enneagram, Lata first understood me and then based on various tools & techniques made me aware of my areas of improvement. After these coaching sessions, I am a changed man - more confident, comfortable with who I am, more self-aware. My worldview of looking at people and situations has changed. I also realised that like an architect is needed to make an outline of a house’s structure, similarly a life Coach is needed to help us perfect ourselves.

Kanishka Sarabhai

Axis Bank

She has provided me with the foundation for growth and success. I started coaching sessions with Questa Enneagram after I found that the journey at work which seems smooth was more stressful. Lata Ma’am helped me understand what my priorities are in my personal and professional life. She has made me look at things in a new way, adapting both my personality and lifestyle. She has provided me with the foundation for growth and success.

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