We Believe in the Power of the Enneagram to Transform People and Businesses.

“We created Questa Enneagram to empower people to take on the journey of self-awareness and transformation by helping them understand human behavior and motivations with new depth and clarity.”

Core Values

At Questa Enneagram, our values are both our identity and our promise.

We’re building a platform and products we believe in – knowing that there is a real value to be gained from helping people. These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our team members, customers and community.

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    Empower People To Take The Transformation Journey

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    Maximize Individual Potential

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    Deliver Excellence In Everything We Do

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    Passionate and Determined

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    Embrace and Drive Change

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    People Are Our Strength

Core Team

Our Enneagram Practitioners

Col. Naresh Sinha

Mentor | Learning Partner

Major Sonam Bakshi

Senior HR professional | POSH Trainer

Malabika Ahuja

Sales and Business Development Professional

Shaleen Garg

Senior business leader & Coach

Debeshi Chakraborty

ACC- ICF | Career Story Coach | Trainer

Bhavna Nagar

PCC- ICF | Corporate Coach | Trainer

Lt. Col. R Sudhir

ACC- ICF | Executive & Team Coach

Shivvani Rawat

Mindset Coach | Life Skill Trainer
Our Clients
Are you ready to re-discover yourself?
Understand your personality type to recognise your innate talents, personal patterns, get ahead in your career and to communicate better in your relationships.
Success Stories

Joann John

HR professional

The workshop was well organized and the structure was more suited to the kind of participants we had. The enneagram as a tool brought in self-awareness and helped me understand my motivation and world-view. I understood that as a Type 7, it was important for me to not feel limited, and that helped me choose the kind of job I love and where my creativity could be best used

Cherry Singh

Head HR, North India, MUFG

It is a wonderful tool that can shape up as a professional development program. For me, it helped me recognise myself at two levels- the self which acts on autopilot and the other which takes a conscious look at the way I react to certain situations and step back to evaluate before acting. Overall I would highly recommend this tool for both organisations and individuals.

Nandan Mahimkar

Ex- VP Sales, ABB Ltd

Collaborative teamwork is critical to the success of attaining the goals that most organisations work with on a daily basis. I found Lata’s workshop on Enneagram very helpful to me personally, and to the teams I coached and work with, to understand and put to use, the diversity in teams that Enneagram highlights so well

Our Offerings

Enneagram For Corporates

We at Questa Enneagram believe that self-awareness in employees is the key to bringing about a sustainable change within the organisation. The Enneagram tool can be successfully used to bring about change for teams and groups, for developing leadership and building a sustainable culture at an organisational level. Our motto is “Maximising Individual Potential” and we do so by blending the tool of The Enneagram with Emotional Intelligence & Agility and harnessing a Strengths Mindset. 

Enneagram For Individuals

Whichever stage of life you are at, personally or professionally, it’s never too late to Re-Discover Yourself. At Questa Enneagram we wish to help you gain a clear understanding of who you are on a fundamental level, what your intrinsic gifts are and how to practically apply this knowledge to work towards being the Best Version Of Yourself. Through our Self-Discovery Workshops and One-on-One Coaching, we aim to aid individuals in harnessing their innate potential and to explore what motivates them and why, and most importantly what they should focus on for their growth.

Enneagram For Relationships

There are times when one may struggle to make relationships work or you may need to make a life-changing decision about commitment. You might often wish you had a key to help navigate your relationships – something that gives you and your partner the freedom to commit to your relationship as your most authentic selves, moving beyond discord towards a place of collective understanding and awareness, over and above mere compromise.  We at Questa Enneagram can help you experience deeper connections and grow on your journey together while building strong, long-lasting relationships for a happier and wholesome life.

Enneagram For Students

In today’s digital age, young adults have access to an abundance of information and hence a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to making life decisions. These choices often come hand-in-hand with confusion - a fear of the unknown & doubt of whether one will succeed or not. Knowing your personality, your inherent talents and challenges can help you make informed life choices – about the right career for you or which course to opt for. We at Questa Enneagram can help you know and understand yourself better which is the starting step towards making informed decisions and a life of success.


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