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Why is Self-Discovery Important?

In the contemporary world, all of us are constantly bombarded with the idea of self-development and how improving oneself is a life-long process, one that should never-ever stop. We are told that we need to keep growing, to become everything that we can be. But how often does somebody also advise us on how exactly we’re supposed to get to that place? Very often people give us feedback from their perspective, but does that really give us an idea about where to start our self-development from and how to become the best version of ourselves? Having a hazy idea of the goal with no perceivable path to reach said goal, is frustrating, to say the least.
It is often said that the first step out of darkness is the intention to find the light. Let Enneagram be the guiding light on your path of rediscovering yourself, the path that leads to you becoming everything that you are capable of being. Enneagram can help you discover your personality, your innate talents, your instincts and strengths!
Set afoot on the journey to being the best version of who you can be your odyssey of self-discovery or rediscovery as we like to call it, with us at Questa Enneagram, today!

What can Questa’s Self-Discovery Workshops do for you?
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    Guide you on the path to a life of contentment and purpose

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    Recognising and breaking away from ‘Auto-Pilot mode’ and your unconscious patterns

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    Making sense of your self-defeating patterns and altering them

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    Developing compassion and empathy for yourself and others

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    Improving your relationships and raising your self-esteem

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    Finding a deep sense of self-acceptance with a clear understanding of who you are on a fundamental level and what your intrinsic gifts are

Re-discovering your personality is a journey of self-development that involves living through positivity and yet accepting the negativity and rising above it.
The Enneagram tool and us, here at Questa Enneagram aim to help you explore what motivates you, what matters most to you and why, and most importantly what to focus on for your growth.
Once we understand the box we are in, we develop tools to climb out of it.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”
– Warren Buffet

Who is it for?

Self-love and acceptance know no bounds, and we at Questa Enneagram believe that the road to self-love is through self-awareness. Everybody, from all walks of life, is welcomed at our Self-Discovery workshops. Be it managers, executives, home-makers, retired professionals, business owners, students, people on sabbaticals –  or any other individual who is serious about self-transformation.

If you wish to be a better version of yourself and join our Self-Discovery workshop, where you will get to interact with like-minded peers and embark on the journey of re-discovering yourself.

Enneagram workshop in India
Your Self-Discovery Journey with Questa Enneagram
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    Choose to take charge of your personal growth & self-development by investing time in understanding yourself – the most important step and the start of your journey towards Re-discovery.

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    Take the Questa Enneagram Self-Discovery Assessment, the first of its kind in the Indian subcontinent.
    You receive your customized Enneagram Profile which helps you understand your personality type, strengths, behavioural patterns, social style, and many other related aspects of your personality type in detail.

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    To understand your Enneagram Profile and yourself better, attend one of our Self-Discovery workshops with like-minded people on the journey of personal growth, facilitated by an expert Enneagram Coach.

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    Equipped with information about who you are, you can now embark on a journey of re-discovery and consistent growth.

Our Workshops
Who am I? Self-awareness workshops with the Enneagram

Sometimes, we are so focused on our external environment that we are unsure of whether we want to explore our internal processes. You might think, isn’t life easier when we don’t have to think about little things? Honestly, working on autopilot does make life simpler, allowing the mind to form a map of our responses to create habits and thereby our personality. What doesn’t work for us is, when our habits become so unconscious that we no longer remember why we choose to do the things we are doing, parts of our personality that were earlier supporting us but now have become a hindrance.
Through the Enneagram, you get the opportunity to sit back and analyze and determine why you do the things you do. The Enneagram can be your guide to a life of mindfulness and authenticity, to gain more knowledge about yourself – it is a means to understand yourself and others, better than you previously have; it enables you to get out of a rut and determine what motivates you to do the thing that you do. Enneagram lets you understand your personality better and re-discover how to work with it.
What you stand to gain:

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    Fear, anxiety, shame, anger, low self-worth are emotions we usually avoid, we can help you overcome them at your own pace.

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    Empower you with action plans that will aid your growth momentum even after the workshops.

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    Creating a higher level of self-awareness which leads to higher self-esteem and tangible improvements in happiness, job-performance, decision-making skills and effectiveness, while also decreasing Stress, Anxiety and Depression (SAD).

Developing your Emotional Agility & Intelligence with Enneagram

In recent times, this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world demands us to be not only emotionally intelligent but also emotionally agile,  because only understanding your emotions and not being able to act on them is not truly beneficial. This means facing our thoughts, behaviours, and emotions willingly and head-first. While some of these thoughts might be quite valid and appropriate, some of them might be distortions from our experiences.
Harnessing the power of the Enneagram, you can become more emotionally agile (i.e. have the ability to manage one’s thoughts and feelings), be more dynamic, more flexible in dealing with this fast-changing complex world, and be able to tolerate high levels of stress, endure setbacks. All of this not on auto-pilot but while remaining engaged, open and receptive to your inner experiences, approaching them in a mindful, values-driven, and productive way.

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    Learning and mastering the NASA technique - Naming your emotion, Accepting your emotion

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    Understanding how to step out of an overwhelming emotion and not letting it determine your actions. Finally, ascertaining how to act according to your own values

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    Becoming aware of positive & negative emotions and letting go of inflexible responses to ideas, things and people - even our own habituated behaviours

Discover your Talents & convert them into Strengths

We at Questa believe that when we focus on developing our strengths, we grow faster than when trying to improve our weaknesses. If you happen to find yourself falling short of the goals you’ve set for yourself, it may be time to consider finding out what your innate talents are. Talent is something that is inherent to us and one of the best ways to identify what your talents are is through the Enneagram.
Talent when combined with the right skills and knowledge becomes a strength. Discover your talents today!
People who work with their talents & adopt their strengths are –

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    Happier & less stressed, feel healthier & have more energy.

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    More engaged in their relationships & at work.

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    More confident, creative and emotionally agile.

Our Self-Discovery workshops are facilitated by one of Questa Enneagram’s expert accredited coaches. Our coaches are chosen after rounds of extensive assessment and carry multi-dimensional industry experience. These workshops will be attended by like-minded people on a journey of re-discovery and will involve group and self-learning as well as interactive activities, which lead to increased empathy from being able to view different perspectives.
Yet, at the same time, you will feel like the program has been customized to your needs – there will be personalized interactions and individual attention given by the coach to aid you in your developmental goals.

Joann John

HR professional

The workshop was well organized and the structure was more suited to the kind of participants we had. The enneagram as a tool brought in self-awareness and helped me understand my motivation and world-view. I understood that as a Type 7, it was important for me to not feel limited, and that helped me choose the kind of job I love and where my creativity could be best used

Somya Das

KMPG India

The engaging sessions with ‘Lata has always taught me to see the situations in different ways and how we should look inside and understand our behaviour and personalities. To handle situations outside, we need to go deep inside. She is also a great listener and doesn't forget any points, however big or small

Cherry Singh

Head HR, North Zone, MUFG

It is a wonderful tool that can shape up as a professional development program. For me, it helped me recognize myself at two levels- the self which acts on autopilot and the other which takes a conscious look at the way I react to certain situations and step back to evaluate before acting. Overall I would highly recommend this tool for both organizations and individuals.

Kirti Kaul

Vice Principal

Enneagram has been a useful personality tool. Not only has it brought about a shift in my self awareness, it has shown me those parts of myself that were hidden to me. This self awareness has enabled me to become much more effective professionally and bring about a change in my personal relationships.

Start your journey of Self-Development and Re-Discovery Yourself with Questa Enneagram today!
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